Once in a lifetime everyone returns to the basics. For example, by asking oneself how it all began? The Big Bang theory says it all started from the singularity and in less than a second everything we know today was created, including such complex organisms as, e.g. the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Some people however doubt about it and, missing probably the spiritual component of the problem, resort to the age-old interpretation of the Bible. There the creator fixed everything in six days. But - surprise, surprise – just a few centuries later, the creator changes his mind and sends the Flood over his creation. They say that to err is human, but it is not really fitting for the creator. The thing was ripe for a thorough investigation, so I went along the path of Noah – to the research path in the Caucasus.

Your lightweight cyclist on a tour again.
Caucasus is an area between the Black and the Caspian Sea with several countries for which it is unclear whether they belong to Europe or to Asia. This fundamental question can be partially solved by the fact that all these countries perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. One of them even won the contest. It seems, however, that the local people are more proud of the fact that this area is, from prehistoric times to today, regarded as "strategically important". I personally think this only brings problems. After all, each of the countries has a closed border with at least one neighbor and, as is customary for "strategically important region", has the history of mutual conflicts and wars, which since immemorial times draws into the present and promises hot events in the foreseeable future. So, anthropologically and sociologically extremely interesting region for a diploma thesis entitled "How we learn from history that we don't learn anything form history." I mastered this thesis long time ago, so this time I focused on a leisurely cycling from Erzurum to Yerevan through Turkey, Georgia and Armenia.


  1. Beautiful country,very interesting,
    What about you're bike,how did you pack this time,

  2. Igor, všeč mi je da nas nisi pozabu;

    1. Nisem pozabu, še več, vedno bolj ste mi všeč.